Wisdom Tooth Extractions – Raleigh, NC

Fast Relief for Troublesome Teeth

Because the wisdom teeth are usually the very last to come in (appearing around the late teens or early twenties), there isn’t a lot of room for them in the mouth, and this often causes them to become stuck, or impacted. This can lead to pain towards the back of the jaw, put pressure on the surrounding teeth, and it can even create a flap in the gums that traps food and increases the risk for cavities. In most cases, the best solution is to simply remove these teeth, which Dr. Brandon Rensch or Dr. Christine Laster is more than happy to do. Thanks to them, families in Raleigh can get the specialty care they need without the inconvenience or expense of visiting an outside specialist.

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Why Choose Connection Dentistry for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

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What to Expect From a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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If someone believes that they or their child is experiencing problems due to the wisdom teeth, the first thing we’ll do is give them an exam. If we confirm that the wisdom teeth are indeed the issue and need to come out, the procedure will take the following steps:

  • The area around a tooth will be numbed with local anesthetic
  • A small incision is made in the gums to allow for easier access to the tooth
  • The tooth is then removed, usually in pieces
  • The treatment site is closed using self-dissolving sutures

Afterward, a patient will experience a little soreness and swelling, but this will likely go away after a few days. Within a week or so, they should be able to resume their normal routine and diet.