Frequently Asked Dentistry Questions

Dentistry covers many different treatments, most of which the average person isn’t particularly familiar with. If you’re interested in realigning your crooked teeth, for example, but you aren’t sure how clear aligners work, we want to make sure that you’re as informed as possible so you can make a sound decision for treatment. Below, you’ll find our most frequently asked questions as well as answers for your convenience.

What are clear aligners and do they work?

Clear aligner technology has been around for multiple decades now. They are designed to shift teeth into a straighter position using gentle amounts of forced pressure over several months. Not only are they extremely effective, but they are generally less expensive, move teeth more quickly, and are created locally.

How do you restore teeth after an implant is placed?

There are many ways we can restore a dental implant, but it really depends on your needs. If you had multiple missing teeth in your arch, an implant denture may be created to restore your smile to the fullest. If you have a single tooth to replace, we can restore your implant with a natural-looking porcelain crown. Regardless of your needs, our dentists are experts at designing restorations that blend in with your existing smile.

Which oral care products should I use?

Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride as this mineral is crucial to preventing cavities. You can also use a fluoridated mouth rinse for additional protection. For specific products, we recommend Prevident toothpaste and Peridex mouth rinse, both of which we keep in the dental office. We encourage patients to use an electric toothbrush to make care easier and more fun! Not only do we sell electric toothbrushes for your convenience, but we also offer air-flossers and Waterpiks to make oral care easier.

Can you restore damaged teeth?

Absolutely! The last thing you should do is allow a damaged tooth to worsen over time. For mildly damaged teeth, we may recommend tooth-colored fillings or direct bonding if the damage is more cosmetic. For more substantial damage, a metal-free dental crown can easily prevent future fractures and look natural next to your existing teeth. Every restoration is fully customized to protect your natural teeth in the most effective way possible.

Do you see families?

All of the team members at Connection Dentistry have families of their own, so they understand the importance of meeting patient needs regardless of age. If your family is in need of dental care, we are more than happy to see you. We work hard to accommodate the needs of patients of all ages, whether they are three years old or a hundred! Our services are designed to cover a wide range of needs, whether they be preventive, restorative, or cosmetic.

How often should I visit?

We recommend that all patients maintain routine cleanings and checkups once every six months. This allows us to not only remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas of the mouth but also confirm the presence of any dental issues that could pose a problem later. Our high attention to detail, relationship-oriented care, and advanced technology ensures that your visits are always productive and enjoyable.