Tooth Extractions – Raleigh, NC

Stress-Free Tooth Removal

While protecting and preserving a patient’s natural teeth is our primary goal, there are still situations in which removing a problem tooth is simply the best solution. Dr. Rensch and Dr. Laster only use extractions as a last resort, and when one is needed, they do everything they can to ensure a comfortable experience from beginning to end. And, if necessary, they can help a patient replace their tooth/teeth as quickly as possible. With them, even the most stress-inducing procedure is nice and easy.

Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

Why Choose Connection Dentistry for Tooth Extractions?

  • All Types of Extractions Provided In-House
  • We Help Every Patient Feel Right at Home
  • Same-Day Appointments Available for Emergencies

Why Someone Might Need a Tooth Extraction

Man in pain holding cheek

We may suggest that a tooth be removed if:

  • It has a large cavity and the decay is starting to spread to the nearby teeth
  • The enamel has been weakened to the point that it cannot support a filling or crown
  • The tooth is so broken that there isn’t enough left to actually repair
  • Advanced gum disease has severely damaged the root of a tooth
  • More room is needed in the mouth for a new denture/ upcoming orthodontic treatment
  • A baby tooth is preventing an adult tooth from coming in correctly