5 Lies Your Dentist Sees Through

July 5, 2023

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With a bright light up to your face and your dentist looming closely overhead, your appointment can feel like an interrogation. Some people even nervously utter a white lie or two. When it comes to your teeth, your dentist really only cares about two things: your oral health and comfort. There’s no need to fear their judgment: you’re on the same team! Here are 5 lies your dentist sees through and how they can tell.

Lie #1: I Brush and Floss Regularly and Properly.

It happens. Life gets in the way, and you don’t have time to do your whole oral hygiene routine before dashing out of the house.

Your dentist can tell! Brushing your teeth removes plaque above your gumline, and flossing gets the rest that’s below your gums. If your gums are inflamed, you aren’t flossing enough or are doing it wrong. One look at the plaque in between your teeth or your irritated gums and your dentist knows the truth!

Lie #2: I Don’t Really Drink or Smoke.

It’s not easy to quit a habit, even if it negatively impacts your health. Regardless how much you smoke or drink, your teeth will tell the story.

Nicotine and tobacco stain your teeth! Smoking causes plaque and tartar buildup, bad breath that doesn’t go away with brushing, gum disease, and inflamed salivary glands.

People who drink alcohol frequently tend to have very dry mouths because it interferes with saliva production. Dry mouth increases your risk for tooth decay and fungal.

Lie #3: I Never Drink Soda!

Soda might not leave stains, but your dentist can still tell how often you like to indulge! The acidic properties in soda wear away at your enamel over time. This can lead to cavities or tooth sensitivity among other dental issues.

Lie #4: That Doesn’t Hurt!

It’s important to remember that your dentist isn’t trying to hurt you and prioritizes both your comfort and oral health rather than one over the other. When you’re in pain, your body tells the truth. Whether that means your eyes twitch, flinch, or clench shut, or your tongue or leg muscles tighten, years of medical training means your dentist knows all the signs.

There’s no shame in talking to your dentist rather than “toughing it out”. They will be happy to work with you and can maybe even use a topical anesthetic or pain medication to ease the discomfort.

Lie #5: I Don’t Grind My Teeth.

Contrary to what you might think, there are differences between tooth damage from trauma and from clenching and grinding your teeth. To a trained eye, the difference is obvious. Grinding your teeth can lead to flatter and fractured teeth, damaged crowns, and chipped fillings.

Knowing that you are grinding your teeth is essential to resolving the problem. Your dentist can custom-fit a nightguard for you to sleep with and protect your pearly whites for years to come.

About the Practice

Dr. Brandon D. Rensch and Dr. Christine D. Laster prioritize preventive dentistry to catch and stop the earliest signs of oral health issues before they get serious. They provide regular checkups and cleanings, nightguards, oral cancer screenings, and fluoride treatments to protect the state of your smile for years to come. If you want a healthy, problem-free smile, at your comfort and convenience, contact Dr. Rensch and Dr. Laster through their website or by phone at (919) 787-0355.

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