4 Reasons Why Implant Placement isn’t Scary

June 15, 2023

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Honestly, dental implant work is a big commitment. That’s only natural – the procedure places foreign objects directly into your jawbone. As such, the placement process is inevitably invasive and involved. Still, the truth is that implant treatment isn’t scary. Patients can expect it to be smooth, comfortable, and beneficial to their smiles. In fact, your local Raleigh dentist has proof for this latter claim. Here, then, are four crucial reasons why you shouldn’t fear implant surgery.

You’ll be Under Anesthesia

Firstly, getting implants isn’t frightening because the process is painless. You won’t feel any discomfort as the dentist places the posts.

You see, a dentist will place you under anesthesia ahead of surgery. This step numbs the treatment site before the placement begins. That way, you won’t sense pain from the dentist’s work on your mouth. Instead, the most you’ll feel is a slight pressure as the dental team operates.

Of course, you’ll need to be careful while the anesthetic is still active. It may take a few hours post-treatment before it wears off. Therefore, avoid eating very hot or cold meals until the sensation in your mouth returns. Otherwise, you might unintentionally burn or bite your oral tissues.

The Surgery is Highly Precise

Another reason to have confidence in implants is that their placement is precise. Dentists rely on advanced tools to plan out the surgery beforehand.

Today, dental technology lets dentists precisely plan an implant surgery. For example, 3D cone beam imaging can map out the position and shape of your teeth. This action helps dentists place implants so they blend seamlessly with your smile. At the same time, it can assess whether you have sufficient bone density for the surgery.

Post-Surgery Aches are Minimal

Admittedly, you may face some discomfort during post-treatment recovery. However, rest assured: these aches are minimal and fade quickly. Many patients hardly even notice them.

Remember, implant surgery is exact (see above). This precision means treatment only causes minor tissue disruption. Consequently, it doesn’t take long for the lingering pain to cease.

Results are Long-Lasting

You don’t need to fear frequent follow-up care when it comes to implants. The restorations usually succeed in the long run and last quite a while.

So long as a patient qualifies for treatment, implants have a success rate of 95-98%. In fact, the posts can last 30 years or more with proper care. Many patients who receive implants thus use them for a lifetime. In other words, they won’t need to pay for costly repairs or replacement visits.

Given the perks above, implant treatment isn’t scary. With that said, visit your local dental provider for the restorations soon!

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